How FODZYME changed my life

I had never had an upset stomach or anything of that nature until the winter of 2021 where I was unlucky enough to contract gastroenteritis and glandular fever. After that, my life and eating habits changed forever.

I discovered, after a long time learning the hard way, that a lot of the foods I loved (bread, onions, garlic etc) were the cause of all of my gut issues. I attempted to go on a low-FODMAP diet, but to no avail. I felt lost. I didn’t know where to start. I would get away with a couple of meals pain-free and then something I wouldn't know about would set me off.

It reached a point where I would stop eating all together for fear of pain, discomfort and embarrassment. In order for me to best take care of my mental and physical health, I had to completely change my environment and move away.

After much trial and error, I had mastered the FODMAP diet to a degree where I could be confident going back into the world, working and living as normal. However, that didn’t mean it wasn’t still a hinderance. I noticed myself becoming distant and withdrawing from social interactions as they would all involve food. My brain would say “just one won’t hurt” but my gut would say otherwise.

It was actually my mum who stumbled across FODZYME, an enzyme blend that would eradicate my anxiety being surrounded by foods that would usually cause me harm.

Kiwi Biosciences, the creators of FODZYME, are based in the United States so I decided to take a chance and place my first order.

That was in 2022 and I haven't looked back. It has changed my life dramatically, from being able to go out on hikes and be away from a bathroom for hours at a time to being able to plan activities with friends like dinners, without having to write off the next day as a precaution for my inevitable suffering.

I felt like I had discovered the holy grail of gut comfort and I felt compelled to share it with others who are struggling.

After becoming a repeat customer of FODZYME, when I found myself needing more, I often had to go without for even weeks at a time whilst waiting for it to ship from the US. Not only was I waiting a long time, I also noticed that I was spending upwards of $50 on shipping with every order.

And so the concept of Fodwise was born. A New Zealand based distributer of FODZYME that makes it easily accessible to Kiwis whilst being able to educate, spread awareness and provide support to individuals struggling with IBS and IBD.

I hope that Fodwise can bring together a community sharing a common issue, creating a supportive space where people can share recipes, tips and tricks to a more comfortable life with gut issues.