Enjoy the foods you love

When taken with the first bite or mixed with high-FODMAP meals (such as gluten products, milk products, onions and garlic), FODZYME's enzymes begin breaking down FODMAPs into smaller and more digestible carbohydrates to prevent intermittent symptoms like gas, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation.

  • Reduce food-xiety

    FODZYMEs unique blend of enzymes target and break down foods before they can cause irritation.

  • Set your Tastebuds Free

    Enjoy the flavours you've learned to avoid. Onions, garlic, ice-cream, a nice donut or a pie is just the beginning.

  • Just a 1/4 scoop

    Using a powdered blend to mix with your food it increases the surface area that FODZYME can work with and break down those tough ingredients

Let the science do the talking

FODZYME testing indicated a rapid breakdown of fructan to fructose in gastric conditions.

In-house trials reported 100% reduction in diarrhea events.

After the ingestion of fructan, participants reported a four times reduction in flatuance events compared to placebo.

FODZYME clinical brief